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Applied Core Analysis

Applied Core Analysis

1.How to apply and use the results from routice core analysis (RCA or CCA) and Special Core Analysis (SCAL) for static and dynamic model building.
2.The fundamentals of core-log integration (Lithology, mineralogy, porosity and saturation).
3.Practical applications of capillary pressure (FWL, fluid-contacts, fluid distribution, pore geometry, drainage and imbibition processes).
4.Using high pressure mercury injection capillary pressure to determine pore geometry and the foundation of petrophysicalrock typing.
5.Using pore geometry to determine core based petrophysical rock types and creating core-log saturation height models.
6.Electrical Properties (Archie Parameters) using Core
7.Introducing Modified Lorenz and Multi-Component Modified Lorenz Plots as key petrophysical reservoir characterization tools.

The intended audience of this course includes geologists, geophysicists, reservoir engineers, production engineers, and petrophysicists.

Course Synopsis:

Day 1
    Core Analysis and Coring Methods
    Objectives of core analysis and coring methods
    Preliminary characterization
    Thin section petrography
    Fundamentals of Core-Log Integration

Day 2
    Geology, Pore Geometry and Storage Capacity
    Geology and pore geometry (Clastics and Carbonates)
    Core based total and effective porosity
    Core based permeability

Day 3

   Petrophysical rock types using core analysis
   Electrical Properties (Archie Parameters) using Core

Day 4
    Applied capillary pressure
    Core-log integration
    Predicting hydrocarbon contacts and free water level
    Overview of electrical rock properties

Day 5

    Relative Permeability, Wettability, and Saturation Height Modeling
    Relative permeability
    Wettability effects
    Applied Saturation Height Modelling

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11 December 2005


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